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We stand in solidarity with the Progressive International's campaign for an International Green New Deal 

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The Progressive International is committed to building a climate movement that is as internationally organized as its opponents in the fossil fuel industry. If you are a climate activist or community organizer that would like to get involved with the Progressive International — or organize actions related to this campaign — please write to You can read more about this campaign here.


Below are some additional organisations campaigning for a Green New Deal 

Sunrise Movement

Green New Deal US

Labour Network for Sustainability

Labor and Green New Deal

War on Want

Global Green New Deal


Green New Deal Europe

We stand in solidarity with PI's campaign for the Liberation of Western Sahara


Progressive International have launched the campaign for the Liberation of Western Sahara. Throughout the 20th century, peoples and nations across Africa won their freedom from colonial rule. Western Sahara was the only exception — and remains so today. Spain, which had ruled over the colony, abandoned it in 1975, handing the territory to Mauritania and Morocco. Both countries soon invaded, and Western Sahara remains under foreign occupation today.


Read more about the campaign and find out how you can get involved here.


We stand in solidarity with War on Want's call to support Pakistan and demand reparations from the British government


War on Want's partner in Pakistan, the Labour Education Foundation (LEF)— an organisation which works tirelessly to support workers facing poverty wages and exploitation — is already responding to the urgent needs of Pakistan’s most vulnerable. LEF are supplying and delivering emergency food and basic necessities, as well as organising medical aid for those stranded — just as they did following the floods in 2011 and the earthquake of 2008. Please donate money to LEF if you can.

War on Want are also calling on people to write to the British Prime Minister demanding that the UK pushes for the cancellation of Pakistan's illegitimate debt and commits to climate reparations. Find the details here.


We stand in solidarity with the Don't Extradite Assange campaign


Stella Assange and the Don't Extradite Assange campaign are organising a day of activism on 8th October at Westminster. They plan to form a Human Chain to Free Assange and are looking for volunteers. The chain will go from the front of parliament over Westminster bridge, along the south bank of the Thames and back over Lambeth bridge.

To find out more about the campaign and how you can be a link in the solidarity chain, check out their website.


We stand in solidarity with DiEM25's


Climate change is real, it’s here, and it’s an emergency!

Last year, DiEM25 refused to stay silent during the sham COP26 climate conference. They organised COP OFF, an Alternative Climate Conference, which discussed real targets and real solutions.

Political leaders are blinded by capital and powerful private interests so this year's Climate Conference in Egypt will be no better than COP26.

Once again, DiEM25 refuse to stay silent and will bring us another COP OFF: a two-day online event on 19 and 20 November with progressives from around the world discussing the ideas we won’t hear at COP27.


If you want to support or attend COP OFF, find out how you can do so here.

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