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We develop and organize around participatory theory,

vision and strategy.


RU Network Members Around the World

Who we are

Real Utopia (RU) is an open, participatory, international network which is advocates solutions for a Participatory Society.

Participatory Society is a vision for an alternative to capitalism, centralized power, racism, patriarchy, imperialism and other forms of oppression. Participatory Society gives people equitable power to make decisions.


In RU, we aim to plant the seeds of the future in the present by organizing ourselves using the methods we believe in. This means we are committed to self-management, diversity, solidarity and equity and run our projects and teams along these lines. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about and maybe even help to advocate for a participatory society.

Our Mission

To raise awareness of Participatory Theory, Vision and Strategy as a new and effective way of thinking about and organizing for radical-progressive social transformation.


To lay the foundations for a participatory society through the establishment of an international network of activists committed to advocating and organising for a participatory society.

To raise money to fund events, research, media projects and grassroots organizing and activities.

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RU Garden is where we meet via zoom, informally


The Education and Skills Team is editing a collected volume on all things participatory.

Colorful Books


Real Utopia supports the Progressive International's campaign for an International Green New Deal. Read the full statement.

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